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18 Oct 2007
nu am mai dat vreo luna pe forum si vaz ca s-au schimbatara multe... un pic dezorientat, desi formatul mi-e familiar de pe alte forumuri eram obisnuit cu vechiul format. regret lipsa unei rubrici cu raspuns la posturile mele care o aveam in vechiul format. cum forumul s-a extins imens e mult mai greu de cautat topicuri care te intereseaza in formatul actual.

io am fost ceva mai ocupat si la munca si cum mai intru pe un alt forum mai mic mi-a ramas putin timp...

nu ii mai vazui nici pe f1anatic, ozz si fishbone dintre 'americani'..

so, WHASSUP guys...
25 Mar 2007
cand am schimbat caucioacele de iarna cu cele de vara, s-a rupt un surub care tinea roata Civicai... nu l-au putut repara imediat si a trebuit 1 saptamana sa ii dau nevesti-mi masina mea ( TL-ul cunoscuta sub numele de Mitza blush.gif ) si am ramas io sa ma invart cu Civicul cu o roata in 3 shurupe...

la sfarsitul saptamanii zice : "vreau si io masina noua...". ca sa isi intareasca spusele, saptamana asta, joi, se si infige intr-un stalp incercand sa intoarca pe o stradutza mai ingust in Indianapolis :angel: ... bara din fata sifonata in dreapta, mers la "body shop" -uri => 950-1000$ de reparat ( mai avea o zgaiba de la o tanti cu un Beetle galben de acum 1 an in partea stanga si am zis ca daca tot o reparam atunci sa o facem frumoasa). dupa ce o vom repara si ferchezui vom merge sa o schimbam...

Civica se apropie de 160000km, are vreo 2 greieri obraznici. se tine inca bine, dar parca si-a facut treaba. am lua vreo 7000 pe ea ( 6000 ca de 1000 trebuie reparata)...

intrebarea e cu ce s-o schimbam. neveste-mii nu-i place Civicul asta nou - e vorba de bord, plus ca zice ca e prea comuna si nu mai vrea Civic. nu vrea nici masina prea mare. conduce cam 35-40000km pe an deci nici masina de peste 25000$ nu ar merge.

pe lista avem Mazda3 2.0 ( sau 2.3 ca hatch-ul vine numai cu 2.3 acilea); Prius ( dar e cam lesinata si la tipul de condus care e mai mult inter-urban pe drum cu 2 benzi cu nevoie de depasiri); Jetta 2.0TFSI sau GTI cu 4 usi ( asta ar fi favorita mea dar e cam recalcitranta ca zice ca nu ii placea A3-ul si astea sunt la fel; se incadreaza in buget fara piele si cu zurgalai mai putini); Mazda6 2.3 manuala... alte masini mai mici si mai de soi io nu prea vad...

idei? sugestii?

week-end-ul viitor vom iesi sa vedem masini...
17 Feb 2007

sa rasfoim:

Cele mai bune masini in viziunea a 56000 de abonati britanici la TopGear proprietari de masini:

1) Honda S2000 :clapping: :1:
2) Honda Jazz :clapping:
3) Skoda Octavia 1 biggrin.gif
4) Skoda Fabia
5) Lexus RX300 arigato.gif
6) Lexus IS200/300 - gen precedenta
7) Skoda Superb
8) Fit Panda
9) Mazda MX5
10) Jaguar XK

Cele mai proaste masini ( bag seama britanici nu inghit masinile frantuzesti):

152) Peugeot 807
151) Renault Espace
150) Peugeot 307 blush.gif
149) Megane blush.gif
148) Citroen C8
147) Peugeot 407 blush.gif
146) Mercedes M klasse - made in USA blush.gif
145) Mercedes A klasse
144) Ford Cmax
143) Renault Laguna

cele mai FUN TO DRIVE :angel:

1) Lotus Elise
2) Astra VX220
3) Honda S2000
4) Mitsubishi Evo 9
6) Nissan 350Z
7) Mazda RX8
8) Subaru Impreza STI
10) Mazda MX5

rusinica merge la A klasse, urmata de Kia Rio, 807, 307, Rover 25, 406 si Citroen C3...

topul marcilor dupa acest grup de engleji snobi tongue.gif

1 Skoda (UP) :clapping:
Once-humble Skoda pushes the Japanese from the top slot

2 Lexus (DOWN)
Masters of build quality forced to a still-good second place

3 Honda (-) :heart:
Top two places in the car list helped secure a third place overall

4 Mazda (-)
Fourth place for the second year running

5 Mini (UP)
Mini's strong following means it's up two places at five

6 Subaru (-)
Another non-mover - would have scored higher but for high ownership costs

7 Toyota (DOWN)
Down two places for Toyota against last year's survey

8 Porsche (-)
Consistent performer, but reliability score lower than you'd expect

9 Jaguar (-)
Strong performance from the XJ helped Jag hold on to ninth

10 Hyundai (UP)
Hyundai swaps places with BMW - thanks in part to good service

X3 is most reliable car in the survey, but BMW still slipped a place

12 Suzuki (UP)
Decent performance means Suzuki moves up three places

13 Seat (UP)
Seat's up too, but not so impressive next to Skoda's performance

14 Lotus (UP)
Build quality was the only thing holding Lotus back

15 Audi (DOWN)
We expected better than middle of the table from Audi

16 Volvo (DOWN)
Reasonable effort, but didn't score well for ownership costs

17 Kia (UP)
A promising improvement against last year - up from 23rd place

18 Smart (-)
Smart holds onto its place just past the half way mark

19 Volkswagen (UP)
Modest improvement held back by surprisingly average scores

20 Nissan (DOWN)
Nissan slips one place from last year

21 Chrysler (DOWN)
And so does Chrysler...

22 Alfa Romeo (UP)
Predictably below-average performance from Alfa

23 Rover (DOWN)
Down one, but who really cares?

24 Ford (UP)
Up one place but not much to shout about

25 Mitsubishi (DOWN)
Lowest placed Japanese manufacturer

26 Saab (DOWN)
A huge drop from 14th place for the Swedes

27 Vauxhall (-)
No improvement for Vauxhall this year

28 Daewoo (UP)
A two-place jump for Daewoo. Chevy will be pleased...

29 Land Rover (UP)
Up by two places, but still a poor effort

30 Mercedes (UP)
Woeful performance from a so-called 'premium' brand

31 Fiat (UP)
Good score from the Panda helps lift Fiat a bit. But only a bit

32 Jeep (DOWN)
Jeep slides further down the table

33 Citroen (-)
Best of the French manufacturers, but that's no consolation

34 Renault (-)

35 Peugeot (-)
Oh dear. Again

cele mai fiabile masini... trebuieasa va mai spun ca sunt, of course stupid :angel: , japoneze arigato.gif

cetiti si luati aminte, io nu va mai repet:


Top Gear would like to propose a new addition to the great lexicon of similes. Since there seems to be no accepted standard for 'as reliable as...', we'd like to propose 'as reliable as a Japanese automobile'.

desigur exista o exceptie blush.gif anul acesta cel mai fiabil model este BMW X3... dar de acolo urmeaza lsita obisnuita de Toyote, Honde, Mazde si un Suzuki... nu va mai plictisesc cititi singuri:

seven of our ten most reliable cars hailing from Japan. Three Hondas - the Jazz (3rd), S2000 (7th) and CR-V (8th), join the Toyota MR2 (2nd), Lexus RX3000, Suzuki Ignis (5th) and the Mazda 3 (10th) in the upper echelons of the customer satisfaction league.

cele mai bune masini in clasa lor:


Nearly every category is topped by a sensible, well put-together piece of Japanese metal, and nearly every category sees a badly-built, unreliable European banger at the bottom. Like it or lump it, we're just telling it like it is.

The Honda S2000 canters to victory in the sports car category, closely pushed by a pair of Mazdas (the MX5 and RX8) and brace of Toyotas (the MR2 and Celica). Smart's tiny Roadster is officially the worst sports car around, but we reckon that's partially due to harsh categorisation. Dishonourable mention, then, goes to the second-bottom Merc CLK, which owners found bugged by reliability issues.

You might expect the German executive barges to walk this one, but no - the Lexus IS200/300 is the top luxury car around. And though the Jaguar marque is languishing in the doldrums, owners haven't been deterred with the XJ and S-Type both recording strong positions. The Mercedes E- and S-Class bring up the rear, with poor reliability causing the problems again.

It's another victory for Lexus in the 4x4 category, with owners exalting the RX300's combination of bullet-proof build quality and on-road manners. Second place for the Kia Sorento is a great result for a model aimed at the budget end of the SUV market. Mercedes manages to avoid the wooden spoon in this category, but only just - the utilitarian Jeep Cherokee proving even worse than the M-Class.

Brace yourself for a shock: it's a European car in first place. A combination of spaciousness and versatility sees the Seat Altea :clapping: take the crown in the MPV category, while at the other end - can you tell what it is yet? - the Peugeot 807 lurks apologetically. You really didn't like it, did you?

It's been a good survey for Skoda. The Czech company has flourished under Volkswagen's ownership, and this top-two finish for the Octavia and Superb helps Skoda edge past Lexus as the best manufacturer overall. It's not a category that makes good reading for the French, though, with Peugeot's 406 and 407 joining the Renault Laguna in the relegation zone.

It's the celebrity media-appeaser of choice, and it seems the rest of you are keen on the Toyota Prius too. The hybrid tops a Japan-dominated category, beating off strong competition from the Mazda 3 and Honda Civic. Z-list status goes to the Peugeot 307, Renault Megane and Merc A-Class.

Tiny but perfectly formed, the Honda Jazz nipped past Skoda's Fabia and the Fiat Panda to scoop the big prize in this category. And just in case the French manufacturers were getting lonely propping up the table, the Rover 25 gallantly sinks below the Citroen C3 in last place. Good British manners, y'see.

da, da, bine.... stiu... englejii au furat studiul pt. ca au mancat orez subventionat de japonezi... biggrin.gif sore losers sa citeasca aici tongue.gif :

10 Nov 2006
exclusiv pentru piata britanica:


FQ 360 vine de la "fucking quick" blink.gif biggrin.gif si 360 cai putere din motorul de 2.0l. masina este opera Mitsubishi UK si este o mica bestie capabila sa faca oricand de rusine un M3.

Mitsubishi UK reckons the Evo IX will pummel its way from zero to 60 mph in 3.9 seconds and top 160 mph, compared with a claimed 3.5 seconds and 175-plus mph for the FQ-400. In the real world, the difference between the two is marginal, but there can be no denying that the 360 feels massively quicker than the stock car.

There is something otherworldly about the way the FQ-360 gathers pace. Above 3,000 rpm, it doesn't so much accelerate as throw itself at the horizon. Anyone with a weak constitution should call a cab blush.gif biggrin.gif — this car has the ability to rearrange your intestines.

arigato.gif arigato.gif arigato.gif

asteptam replica de la STI - o alta companie cu sediul in UK....
7 Oct 2006
La cati bani costa NSX si la ce performante are (290CP din 3179 cmc, 224 lb-ft si 90.000 US$) trebuie sa fi chiar fraier sa o cumperi. biggrin.gif
Sa nu mai spun ca la bani mai putini cumperi un M5 care are peste 500 CP, un torque sanatos, basca mai are si 5 locuri plus un portbagaj de-a dreptul primitor nu doar loc de un portofel. Plus ingenunchezi oricand aceasta Honda NSX ce are un ordinar V6.
M5 este un sedan de lux cu excelente calitati sportive capabil sa ia in ras "n" masini cu pretentii sportive. "The Engine of the Year" iti spune ceva?
Si din 3200cmc ei au reusit sa scoata 290CP? WoW! Si asta-i motor pentru o masina de 90.000 de parai si supersportul lor? Vestita NSX?laugh.gif
De ani de zile aceasta NSX este aproape neschimbata. So much for that cheap japan car eh? :angel: Pret exorbitant si performante jenante pentru piata actuala. Poate se gaseste cineva sa ne explice ce costa atat de mult la acest junghi ca vorba aia nu platesti nici macar pielea pentru patru scaune la ea. Basca este super-oribila. :puke: De ce pretul acesta? Calitate? Eu sustin ca, calitatea costa si isi are pretul ei dar in cazul acesta pretul depaseste pana si teoria mea intrucat masina este ok si cu nivel de calitate mai ridicat insa nu exceleaza nici la acest capitol care este discutabil si nici la capitolul lux, deci pentru ceea ce ofera este EXORBITANTA. Pana si targovetii de aici care se uita si la ultimul cent ar remarca ca masina nu ofera ceva iesit din comun pentru banii ceruti pe ea. Nici macar performantele nu sunt demne de un asa pret. De unde rezulta ca oricare dintre voi care va tot bateti cu pumnul in piept ca obtineti cat mai mult for the buck ati alege oricand un M5 sau M6 in detrimentul acestei glume japoneze. Nu de alta dar asta va rastoarna teoria japan = cheap. Unde-i cheap? blink.gif

NSX e primul si pana in prezent singurul supercar japonez.

NSX-ul era asa de scump pentru ca este cu sasiu integral de aluminiu (prima masina de serie din lume cu asa ceva) si este practic o versiune de strada a masinilor de F1 a Honda din anii '80. un alt element unic este ca pentru a diminua pierderile de putere prin frecare ( motorul este un DOHC cu 24V si desigur iVTEC) multe din piesele motorului sunt slefuite manual dupa tehnici de prelucrare a otelului traditional japoneze ( similare celor prin care se fac sabiile de samurai). deci e departe de a fi un "V6 ordinar".

masina este asadar un produs cvasi-artizanal ca majoritatea masinilor cu acest pret. la lansare masina a costa in USA 65k, ulterior pretul a crescut pana la +85K...

a fost lansata in 1990 si a suferit upgrade-uri minore pana in 2002. In 2005 a fost scoasa din productie.

limitarea de 280CP este data de legislatia nipona care interzice inmatricularea masinilor peste 280CP. Initial motorul a fost un V6 de 3.0l din 1995 cilindreea a fost marita la 3.2l prin cresterea cursei pistonului. In USA motorul de 3.2l a avut 290CP. dar asa cum serie3 nu este "only about the power" nici NSX nu este. dar nu insemana ca este o masina inceata. 0-100km/h se fac in 4.7-4.8sec si manevrabilitatea este printre cele mai bune.

un NSX de 10 ani si 75000mile se vinde inca cu 35-40K ceea ce arata ca este inca o masina cautata si ca SH.

in anii '90 aceasta masina era una dintre cele mai rapide masini pe circuit ( mai rapida decat masini mult mai puternice) si par cu Porsche Carrera din acea perioada care avea 300Cp dintr-un boxer in 6 cilindri de 3.6l.

In 1995 NSX a fost dotata cu o cutie automata Sequential SportShift™ - inaintea BMW!. de fapt nu stiu daca BMW avea vreo masina care sa egaleze performantele NSX in rpimii ei ani de la lansare.

nu stiu care a fost ratiunea pentru care Honda a tinut acest model atata vreme, dar cert este ca aproape 15000 din cele 19000 NSX-uri fabricate s-au vandut in primii 5-6 ani de la lansare. dupa 2000 s-au vandut anual numai 200 de NSX-uri.

pentru arienofilii fixisti de pe Jii: Leleo, biggrin.gif Honda facea motoare normal aspirate de 3.5l cu peste 200CP/l de cilindree din anii '80 si in acea perioada au castigat 71 curse de Grand Prix... deci puteau face orice fel de motor ar fi vrut, dar pentru 280CP au crezut ca 3.0l si 6 cilindri sunt suficienti.

ah, si masinile japoneze nu sunt cheap. sunt accesibile si "the best bang for the buck" tongue.gif.

si nici o surpriza ca postul tau este plin de venin si tampenii de beizadea tafnoasa... mi-e jena sa imi pun mintea cu tine blush.gif . this reply was just to set the record straight.
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