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23 Jun 2020
Follow this link, if you are looking the first Part of the Zul’Gurub Boss Guide, the High Priests of Zul’Gurub.
Hakkar, the Soulflayer – boss guide

The Main Tank will get Mind Controlled and needs to be CCed as fast as possible. This is also why there are 3 Tanks required for this encounter.
Warriors in the Group need to use their Intimidating Shout on cooldown, so that they don’t Fear the whole Raid when they are Mind Controlled.
Hakkar will cast Corrputed Blood on a raid member, which will spread to other nearby players and needs to be cleansed. This is why the Raid needs to be a spread out as possible.
Every 90 seconds, Hakkar will enter a state of Blood Siphon. This is the most important part of the fight. It will stun everyone in front of the boss and drain their life, healing her.
Players who are affected by Poisonous Blood and Blood Siphon at the same time will damage the boss instead. Poisonous Blood is a debuff acquired from the clouds that the Sons of Hakkar drop when they die. The Sons of Hakkar are located on the platforms left and right of the Boss.
At the start of the fight, one of the Sons should be pulled and CCed with Hibernate or similar Abilities, then killed before the first Blood Siphon. All Player should acquire the debuff to damage Hakkar, who will then remove the debuff.
Immediately afterwards, the second Son should be pulled and CCed, for the second Blood Siphon. This leaves a window of just above 4 Minutes to kill Hakkar. She needs to die before the third Blood Siphon.

Zul'Gurub Edge of Madness GuideZul’Gurub Boss Guide – Edge of Madness Guide
Optional Bosses and Encounters in Zul’Gurub
Bloodlord Mandokir Guide

First off, you don’t want to die during this fight especially. This is because you will get resurrected and the Boss will gain experience. Once 3 Players have died, he will gain a Level, increasing his damage done and decreasing his damage taken.
He has a Whirlwind Ability, which will kill the Melees if they don’t run away. So do it! Run away when he uses it.
When he uses his Threatening Gaze, Mandokir will look at a random Raid member. This person must immediately stop everything and stand still, or they will be killed quickly.
If the Tank gets targeted by this, the Raid needs to slow down DPS to make sure Aggro is not lost.
He will also sometimes Charge a random Player, which is located away from the group. This should be handled by keeping the Raid cuddling together, except for one Player, preferably a Hunter.
This will also reset the Aggro completely, meaning that the DPS will need to stop once more to let the Tank gain Aggro again.
Apart from these 2 Abilities, there is also Mandokirs Raptor, who needs to be tanked by 2 Offtanks who will needs to switch every 4-5 Stacks of the debuff they get.
Once the Raptor is dead, it will send the Boss into an enrage, vastly increasing his damage. Defensive Abilities should be used during this enrage.
Also, make sure to kill the Speaker before starting the fight.

Jin’do the Hexxer boss guide

Make sure to always use AoE Fear Abilities and similar on Cooldown, since there will be lots of mind controls throughout the fight, and you don’t want the whole Raid to get CCed.
Shades of Jin’do are adds that interrupt spellcasting and should always be killed with priority. They can only be killed by Players with the Curse Delusions of Jin’do though, so this should not be dispelled!
The next priority is the Powerful Healing Ward, which will restore around 3% of his health every tick. This is why a Rogue with Wound Poison on the Boss is very helpful to reduce this amount.
If there are no Shades and no Healing Totems, the Raid should now watch out for Brain Wash Totems and destroy them. This is the Mind Control mechanic I mentioned earlier.
Jin’do should only be attacked if there are no shades or totems alive, making this quite a slow fight.
Another way to combat the totems is to use Mana Draining Abilities, as he won’t place the totems if he doesn’t have the Mana.
Jin’do will sometimes Teleport a random Player into a pit with Skeletons. Ideally, you want to place 2 Mages here to kill them.
Jin’do will hex the Main Tank and target the next highest target in Aggro, which is why the Offtanks will need to watch out for this.

Zul Gurub Gahz'ranka Boss GuideZul’Gurub Boss Guide – Gahz’ranka
Summoning the Boss

A Player will need to pick up Nat’s Measuring Tape at Nat Pagle’s fishing spot near the water west of High Priest Thekal.
This Person will need to have a Fishing skill of 300 without any bonuses.
Then they need to go to Dustwallow Marsh and talk to Nat Pagle to hand in the Quest and purchase a Mudskunk Lure from him.
Go back to ZG and fish inside the Muddy Churning Waters to catch 5x Zulian Mudskunk. 350 Fishing skill is required to catch these.
Go back to Nat’s Fishing spot and add the Fish to the Lure. It will instantly be cast into the water and Summon the Boss

Killing Gahz’ranka

It is recommended to fight Gahz’ranka in the water, is this will completely negate any fall damage.
Make sure to clear any fish or mobs near the spot where you will fight the Boss.
Everyone should gather behind the Boss and make sure to give the Tank enough time to grab the Aggro after each Knockup of Massive Gayser.

Edge of Madness
Summoning one of the Bosses

You will need a Gurubashi Mojo Madness to summon one of the four Bosses. Only one of the Bosses will spawn each Raid lockout.
To make the Mojo, a 300 Skill Alchemist can learn the recipe at the tablet near the Brazier. He will need to following ingredients:
6x Powerful Mojo,
1x Black Lotus
1x Blood of Heroes
1x Massive Mojo
Use the Gurubashi Mojo Madness at the brazier to summon the Boss


Hunters and Warlocks will need to drain Wushoolay’s Mana.
He will cast Lightning Clouds that should be avoided by Players. The tank should move the Boss out of these Clouds while the Melees stay behind him.
Rangers should spread out as much as possible.
An Aspect of the Wild is highly recommended for the fight, as the Boss has an Aura of Poison.


This is the easiest of the four fights. Have 2 camps, a Range and a Melee Camp
He will Gouge nearby targets and then Vanish. His stealth can be broken with AoE attacks.
After a time, Renataki will attack a random raid member. Casters will most likely die from this, but if the tank is quick enough to grab him, they might not.


He has an AoE Sleep Ability, Casters and Rangers should stay out of Melee range at all times. Make sure the tank doesn’t die while he is sleeping.
Hazza’rah will spawn Illisions of himself, who deal very high damage but have quite low Health. They need to be focused down as quick as possible, ideally by dedicated range DPS, so they won’t fall asleep.
He also has a Mana Burn, which will quickly render your healers and casters useless. To deal with this, Hunters and Warlocks will once more need to use their Mana Draining Abilities.


Casters and Rangers should spread out for this fight.
Gri’lek will periodically grow in size and target random Raid Members. This will reset Aggro and reduce his Movement Speed by quite a lot.
The targeted Raid Member will need to stay out of range, so they don’t get one shot by Gri’lek.
He will also Root Raid Members, which can cause them to get hit by Gri’lek when they are focused by him. This is why the Root debuff needs to be dispelled as quick as possible.

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27 May 2020
Everyone that plays Runescape mobile or osrs mobile knows that it can take a lot of time to grind for gold. But then again you can make the process easier with the right approach. The idea is to know exactly what you are getting into and what you expect from this stuff. Usually it will be very challenging to find and eventually trade the right items. But RS3gold.com are here to show you which items are the most profitable when you learn how to make money osrs.

Expensive osrs items that you can trade for gold

As you can imagine, the Runescape prices are shifting all the time. Even if they might not be the most profitable when you read this, the reality is that these items are always bringing in an insane amount of gold, so you do need to at least test them out and see for yourself.

We encourage you to get the Dexterous Prayer scroll, this one is worth around 62 million, sometimes even more. If you are a mage or want to sell stuff that mages want, the Kodai wand is a good option because this one commands around 105 million. And then there’s the Ancestral Robe set which can be more than 220 million gold at times.

Some of the other, very expensive items are the Elysian Spirit shield at around 641 million and the Twisted Bow which can sometimes be well above 1 billion. As you can imagine, these are great to trade and you will acquire an amazing set of results if you just give them a shot and check them at your own pace.

Is there a faster way to get Runescape gold?

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As you can see, you can learn how to make money osrs or you can just buy Runescape oldschool gold and get it over with. Buying gold encourages you to play more and pick the item you want without having to waste a lot of time grinding for a particular unit. That doesn’t mean it will be easy, but it’s definitely something that will bring in front a whole lot of benefits. Rest assured that your Runescape account will always be stocked with gold if you spend it adequately. But in the end it’s all about having fun and enjoying your time with friends! So getting Runescape gold will be really exciting!

I hope this guide helps you, and if you need OSRS gold you can buy it from RS3gold.com at any time, we work 24/7 every day.
24 Apr 2020
It’s February, and a lot of you know what that means – it’s almost Double XP time! Read on for full details of the event and make the most of its magnificent XP bonuses. buy runescape 3 gold See you in game!

Double XP Weekend: Extended will return on February 21st. And like the last DXP Weekend, we are again extending the amount of time you have to enjoy the XP goodness.

Double up your XP Gains

Double XP Weekend: Extended is the same Double XP Weekend you know and love, but with a little twist.

Double XP Weekend: Extended is designed to be a lot more relaxing than before. You get 36 hours of Double XP goodness, but you can use it as you like over the course of 10 days!

However, we heard all of your feedback after the last event and can confirm that you’ll get a full 48 hours (up from 36 hours) of Double XP that you can use whenever you want over the course of 10 days! So you don’t need to worry about cramming all your play time into a single weekend – this means you’re absolutely free to stop for meals, hang out with friends and family, pet the dog, do karate, get some sleep and even go outside – all without the fear of missing out on XP. There’s all the time in the world to watch the match, cook a meal, phone your mum and do your ironing. Or, if you prefer, you can instead enjoy the thrills of Double XP Weekend as you always have done. Alternatively, if you prefer, you’re free to enjoy Double XP Weekend just as you always have done! It’s entirely up to you.

Simply log in whenever you like between Friday February 21st (12:00 game time) and Monday March 2nd (12:00 game time) to enjoy your skilling boost. As soon as you’re in-game, your XP timer will start ticking, and you can keep track of much Double XP time you have left whenever you need via the interface. Any unused Double XP time will be removed at the end of the event.

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27 Mar 2020
World of Warcraft Classic officially released on February 13th to unlock content information, indicating that the Blackwing Lair and new Cheapest wow classic gold class quests, new reputation rewards and etc that will be officially unlocked in February.

Blackwing Lair Attunement Quest- In order to access the raid, you'll need to get the Blackwing Lair attunement by completing the "Blackhand's Command" quest, which has just gone live. The quest requires you to be level 55 and can be unlocked by getting the item from defeating the Scarshield Quartermaster at the Blackrock Spire in Blackrock Mountain. You'll need to head to the Upper Blackrock Spire and activate Drakkisath's Brand near the boss, General Drakkisath. Once completed you'll be able to use the Orb of Command, which can be found down the hall to the right, to teleport to Blackwing Lair.

Blackwing Lair is one of the best raids, and also the most frustrating raids, that World of Warcraft has ever produced. It’s the raid where so many lessons were taught to so many players in the old days. So many Rogues had to skulk their way through that Suppression Room, so many Warriors made sure to spec into Mortal Strike for Shadow of Ebonroc, and that class call on Nefarian made so many Priests into tank killers.

Darkmoon Faire – Coming Earlier in February

A gathering of the exotic from around the world and beyond, Silas Darkmoon has brought together the Darkmoon Faire as a celebration of the wondrous and mysterious found in Azeroth. While the Faire spends most of their time in parts unknown, they do stop from time to time in Mulgore and Elwynn Forest. When the faire is on its way barkers will stop by Orgrimmar and Ironforge to announce its arrival.

Blizzard says there will be several other additions on February 12 for World of Warcraft Classic. Level 50 class quests that reward powerful rare items will open up from trainers in capital cities, for example. There will also be new reputation rewards for several factions, including the Argent Dawn and Thorium Brotherhood. Eternal Quintessence will also be available to players who have reached Revered reputation with the Hydraxian Waterlords.

In addition to all of that, players who want to get the jump on attuning to Blackwing Lair will be able to start on the quest Blackhand’s Command starting on Friday, January 10th, giving you plenty of time to run UBRS, kill General Drakkisath, and touch the orb behind him to attune to the raid itself. And remember, you can run UBRS with 10 players to get more people attuned faster. You’re going to want to get comfortable going into Blackrock to mind control mobs to give you a fire resistance buff anyway before you fight Vaelastraz, you might as well get used to it.

Also, if you need WOW classic Gold while playing, you can go to WOWclassicgp.com to search for and get some, it can deliver quickly and make your game easier.
27 Mar 2020
Old school Runescape has different game modes. There is normal mode, which is what most players are set to, where you are able to trade freely with other players and use the grand exchange. And there is Ironman mode. This game mode is divided into three seperate sub modes. Iron man, Hardcore iron man and Ultimate iron man. These game modes do not allow you to trade with any other players freely and also it does not let you to use the grand exchange. This is what makes the game mode very difficult.

It also adds extra personal value to skills and items you achieve as they will take much longer to get than if you were to use the normal game mode. One of the majour set backs on iron man mode is making money. Making money in iron man is very difficult because you do not have access to trading or the grand exchange, therefore you have to be able to make your money through other methods such as buying and selling from shops or using the magic spell 'high alchemy'. This guide will teach you how to make some good money in Old school Runescape in the iron man mode.

Some of these money makers will require membership and as an ironman, you can only get membership through buying a bond on another account and using it with your iron man. You can buy osrs gold to buy bonds very cheap right here.

Alching yew longbows 200k GP/H


-60 Woodcutting (to cut down yew trees)

-70 Fletching


-Bow string

-55 Magic

-High alchemy runes

You may find it hard to level your skills up in iron man mode so you can use our power levelling service here.To begin with this money making method, you want to have some yew logs. As an iron man, you may need to chop yew trees down yourself. You can find yew trees all over Old school Runescape. A map of one good spot close to a bank is provided below.

Once you are at a yew tree, you want to chop them down and deposit them in the bank. It is good to collect a few hundred or thousand before turning them into bows. Once you have as many logs as you want, you want to head over to a bank and withdraw one knife and fill the rest of your inventory with the yew logs. Use your knife with the logs and select longbow then fletch all. You will be left with Yew longbow (u). You want to fletch all your yew logs into the yew longbow (u)'s. You will gain quite a lot of fletching exp from this too.

Next, you want to get 14 bow string and 14 yew longbow (u) in your inventory and combine then by clicking one on another. The rest will combine automatically. Repeat this process until you have finished all your supply. You should also gain a lot of fletching experience from this.

Once you have got all your yew longbows, you want to withdraw them from the bank all in note form. Also take out your runes for high alchemy and begin alching them all. You will gain some magic experience and you will also see the money flooding in! You should be roughly averaging around 200k GP per hour, which is quite good for iron man mode players.

Alching ecumenical keys 180k GP/H


-55 Magic (high alchemy)

-A weapon



-Teleportation method

Ecumenical keys are a very useful item for high level players. They are used to enter any god wars dungeon boss room without having to get the kill count. This can increase peoples kills per hour, which is why they use this key. It is always in high demand and is quite easy to get. They are worth quite a lot, 61k high alchemy price. These ecumenical keys can be found by killing any monster found within the god wars dungeon.

It is good to note that this god wars dungeon is located in the wilderness so be sure not to bring high value items unless you are willing to risk it. A map of the god wars dungeon will be provided below.

Once you are here. You want to make your way to the north - east side and look for the small red imps. As all monsters are able to drop this ecumenical key, it is best to attack these red imps only, if you are low level. Once you have a recieved a key, it is good to note that the next key will have a lower drop rate. This is why it is a good idea to bring some high alch runes with you to alch the keys as soon as you get it. Or you are able to bank them when you get an ecumenical key.This is one of the best money making methods for iron men at low to mid levels. You can expect to make an average of roughly 180k GP per hour.

Killing Vorkath 1m+ GP/H


-Dragon slayer 2 Quest

-Ability to kill vorkath

One of the best money making methods, iron man mode or even regular account mode, is to slay vorkath. Vorkath has a very good drop table with high valued items. Many of these items are high alchable, which means there is money to be made on an iron man account. The reason for this high valued drop table is because of the extremely high requirements to even unlock the ability to fight vorkath. It can take a very long time to complete dragon slayer 2.

Vorkath is a fairly simple boss to slay after you learn the mechanics and attacks of the boss. A map of the boat you take to get to the boss will be provided below. Although you should already know how to get there as you learn how to do so in the actual quest. It is good to note that the quest version of Vorkath is much easier compared to the post quest vorkath. Also, if you die here, you will have to pay 100k at the man near the boat to get your items back. However if you die before collecting your items then you will lose everything.

Once you kill vorkath, teleport to a bank and return to kill it again. Repeat this process until you feel like you have enough alchables. It is a good idea to check the Old school Runescape wiki to see what items are worth a lot when high alched. Using this money making method, you can expect to make roughly around 1m+ GP per hour.

Collecting steel platebodies 100k GP/H


-Knife (or weapon to slice webs)



Steel platebodies are one of the first items collected by new iron man accounts to make some quick starting cash. They can be high alched with level 55 magic or they can be sold at the Varrock platebody store for the same value. These steel platebodies are located in the wilderness so it is a good idea not to bring anything valuable. They are also guarded by lesser demons which can potentially one hit you if you are just starting out. So you should bring food if you can at low levels. A map of where the steel platebodies are located is provided below.

To get to the steel platebodies, you want to go all the way around the lava maze, this is not difficult, just simply follow the path way until you see the lesser demons. You may need to slice webs along the way.

Once you have collected a full inventory, make your way back via teleportation or walk back to a bank and deposit all your steel platebodies. Once you are happy with the amount you have, you can sell them at the Varrock platebody store. This is shown below.

Using this money making method, you can expect to make roughly an average of 100k GP per hour. These are just a couple of iron man money making methods. There are still hundreds or even thousands of methods out there for you to use. You just have to find them! If you enjoyed this guide, check out another money making method here. Thank you for reading.

Compared to other conventional methods, purchasing is the fastest and most convenient one. RS3gold is definitely a reliable store to provide various in-game currency, which has stable suppliers and sufficient inventory to provide customers with a large number of goods. More importantly, it will not be more expensive than other stores, so you can also save some money while playing.
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